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India's Vision 2020

  I grew up reading Kalam sir's India's Vision 2020 . The book had given hopes to countless Indians, When he said we could become a superpower by the year 2020, the whole country saw a dream together. And where do we find ourselves in the year 2020?   It will be the first time in 74 years when the whole nation will celebrate the independence day sitting at homes but there are countless who don't even have a roof over their head. While many children will attend online celebrations held by their schools/teachers, there are countless who will still come out on the street to sell flags. On one hand, Covid-19 has exposed the dire situation of the pubic health infrastructure and government services available to the common man. on the other hand, We are having a face-off with our neighbors and the economic prospects look gloomy as we have lost our healthy economic growth trajectory. Perhaps we have failed as a nation in materializing our dream of becoming a superpower by 2020. But